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  Clare and Lisa were interviewed on the Fierce and Lovely Podcast. Check out this window into Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram and Clare’s ©iEnneagram Training and Certification Course.  

Doug & Adele were interviewed by Anita Lustria on her podcast channel “Faith Conversations” about this subject. Along with Clare & Scott’s previous podcast, this conversation is way for people who are nervous or skeptical about the Enneagram and spiritual transformation to get some of their questions answered. They also discussed the unique contributions that  Read more ➝

Scott and Clare have been teaching the Enneagram Harmony Triads since 2012. Check out their Enneagram podcast, explore the Enneagram of Harmony Model and listen to people in their faith community talk about their journey. “PODCAST: Enneagram & Christianity” on Apple Podcast  or RadioPublic Radio Public (for Android users) works in your browser. Download iTunes here Android  Read more ➝

When I first learned the Enneagram from Bob Ochs, S.J. while studying theology in the early 70’s, there was nothing written about the Enneagram.   We just had mimeographed handouts.  When I did my dissertation research in psychology on the Enneagram, there was still nothing written about it.   Because it was passed on through oral tradition,  Read more ➝

We are grateful for the fellow authors who have endorsed our upcoming book, Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram; A Handbook for Harmony and Transformation.  Greg Ogden is a prolific author in the field of discipleship and a dear friend of Doug & Adele’s. “I am deeply indebted to Doug and Adele Calhoun, for they introduced  Read more ➝

    Hello Friends!  We are in the final stages of publishing and our book is ready for pre-order!  Watch our blog for our unique learning model with the Enneagram and endorsements from experts in the Enneagram and Spiritual Formation! When Ginger Lapid-Bogda says our Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram is Newsworthy and Noteworthy, we say,  Read more ➝

Building Bridges:

By Clare Loughrige

By Clare Loughrige, Liz Jackson and Chris Heuertz,  (published in ieaninepoints magazine) “It looks like two pentagrams having sex.” “I’m outta here, they are using new age heresy!” “I want to know more about God, not more about myself.” Those are some of the things we’ve heard from Christian friends and not so friendly Christians about  Read more ➝

Clare and Scott Loughrige   “I am more than just a type!”   We can’t tell you how many times people have said this to us when they discover their Enneagram style. After first recognizing that there’s a lot of truth in the Enneagram, the next thought many have is “But I don’t want to  Read more ➝