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  • Oct 22 2017

    Some of us react instinctively. We know in our gut and bones whether we like someone. Trusting our gut more than anything or anyone else makes it easy to jump in, or act out, or pull out without giving it a second thought. In the heat of things we dismiss our head and heart.

  • Oct 22 2017

    Some of us trust heart connection more than anything else. We rely on feelings and concern for others to guide us. And when connection is broken, we work like mad to regain affection and approval. We dismiss gut reactions as “not me” And distrust those who live in their heads.

  • Oct 22 2017

    Some of us move into our heads and dismiss our hearts. Love becomes concept. When asked a feeling question, we consult our head. “I think I feel I’ll get through this.” When we trust mental activity, pros and cons, research and study, we may dismiss heart people as “lightweights” and gut people as “reactionary.”