Practicing Presence continued- Type NINE

Practicing Presence began last week with our PRACTICING PRESENCE IN THE NEW YEAR Post. You will want to read that post before reading today’s addition.

Practicing Presence for Type NINE begins with understanding the NINE’s Defense Mechanism: Narcotization. Narcotization is using food, drink, entertainment, or repetitive patterns of thinking and doing to “put oneself to sleep.” In the Presence of God, notice without judgment:  

  • When have you done what someone else wanted without paying attention to your desire?
  • When do you set aside real priorities for something/someone else?
  • When has stubbornness kept you stuck?
  • What are you angry about? Where does passive aggressive anger say, “I’ve had enough?”
  • When has guilt shown up saying, “I haven’t done enough?”  
  • How does your body respond to discomfort, stress, conflict?  What is your earliest memory of this feeling? What might that tell you?
  • Where do you want to ask for the Spirit’s help to stay centered and present in your life today?