We are happy to report our book is moving along quite well. Four authors, One Voice, it is a Divine Dance! As we begin 2018 we will offer sneak peaks from our upcoming book. This article is from the Practice Section of the book. Each week another type will be added to the practice. Stay tuned!

Practicing Presence

Hurry makes presence difficult. Our bodies, minds, and hearts move towards “what’s next” so fast that we miss now. When we aren’t present others can’t receive what is true and best about us. The Harmony Enneagram reveals how pushing our energy to the max makes us edgy.  Literally, we move to the edge of the circle below and land in our vice and false self-energy. It is presence to God and others that returns us to the center where virtues and giftedness bless others.

The alliteration below may help you remember what leaving presence and landing on your edge looks like for your number.  

ONE–Punitiveness and Perfectionism keep us from Presence

TWO–People pleasing and Possessiveness keeps us from Presence

THREE–Performance and Prevarication (bull…..) keep us from Presence

FOUR–Personalizing and Posing keep us from Presence

FIVE–Pontificating and Privacy keep us from Presence

SIX–Paranoia and Paralysis keep us from Presence

SEVEN–Playing and Preoccupation keeps us from Presence

EIGHT–Powering up and Prosecuting keeps us from Presence

NINE–Powering down and Procrastinating keep us from Presence

Moving back to Presence happens with intention, awareness, and prayer.

Individual or guided practice with a spiritual director, coach, therapist


Find a posture that helps you be open and awake in prayer.  Experiment with some of the postures below.  What works for you.    

  • Sit on a chair. Feet on the ground, legs uncrossed, and back straight.  
  • If you have back problems, try lying with your back on the ground with your calves on a chair.  
  • Sit on the floor, legs crossed, and back straight.
  • Stand with arms raised.
  • Lie prostrate.
  • Walk.


Once you are comfortable,  spend some time breathing in, “God, you are here.” And breathing out.  “I am here.”   And/Or Breathe in, “Good Spirit, help me notice,” Breathe out, “Without judgment.”  

These questions are designed to help you identify where you lose presence. Read all the questions for your number(s) before you respond. (If you are doing this with a spiritual friend or spiritual director, they can read you the questions.)  

GQ–GUT Center 8,9,1

We start with GUT TRIAD because being present to what is begins in the body. Did you know there are more neurons sending information from your body (GQ) to your brain than vice versa? You’ll learn more about that in the book =)

EIGHT Defense Mechanism: Denial. Denial is the refusal to accept reality.  Denial pretends pain, weakness, feelings, etc don’t exist.  In the Presence of God, notice without judgment:  

  • When do you react without thinking?
  • In the heat of the moment, how do you ignore tenderness and vulnerability?
  • When have power and control dismissed cool-headed and warm-hearted responses?
  • How does anger show up and dismiss everything and everyone with “I’ve had enough”?
  • When does guilt show up saying,” I haven’t done enough”?
  • How do anger and control impact your body? What is your earliest memory of these feelings?  What insight does this give you?
  • Where do you want the Spirit’s help to help you stay centered and present in your life today?

Next week we’ll add Type NINE.

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Glenda Simpkins Hoffman6 years ago,

Thanks for letting me know about this new blog and upcoming book.

Clare Loughrige6 years ago,

Hello Glenda! Thanks for your note. We just turned in the first draft and will let you know! All the best, Clare

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