How the Enneagram Informs in Crisis

From Potter’s Inn Soul Care Conversations In these days of world-wide crisis, we [Potter’s Inn] felt it was imperative for us to have a conversation with seasoned experts and trusted authors, Doug and Adele Calhoun on the Enneagram and how it helps us understand why we each react differently under stress, fear, and the pandemic  Read more ➝

NEW Podcast by Adele & Doug on Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram

Hey there friends! Adele and I had a chance to talk about our book with Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman on their podcast called the art of growth. Check it out and share with your friends please!

Calhouns on the Enneagram & Christians

Doug & Adele were interviewed by Anita Lustria on her podcast channel “Faith Conversations” about this subject. Along with Clare & Scott’s previous podcast, this conversation is way for people who are nervous or skeptical about the Enneagram and spiritual transformation to get some of their questions answered. They also discussed the unique contributions that  Read more ➝

Fulfilling Your God-given Purpose

We are grateful for the fellow authors who have endorsed our upcoming book, Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram; A Handbook for Harmony and Transformation.  Greg Ogden is a prolific author in the field of discipleship and a dear friend of Doug & Adele’s. “I am deeply indebted to Doug and Adele Calhoun, for they introduced  Read more ➝