NEW Podcast by Adele & Doug on Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram

Hey there friends! Adele and I had a chance to talk about our book with Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman on their podcast called the art of growth. Check it out and share with your friends please!

Can I Say That in Church? Podcast

The Enneagram is a monster topic but I don’t think it has to be. Ultimately, it boils down to better knowing yourself and then taking that further to how to better love one another. Clare Loughrige and Seth Price discuss how finding Harmony can do just that with a tool like the Enneagram Harmony Triads.  Read more ➝

You are more than your Enneagram Type

 Enneagram Harmony Triads and Spiritual Formation Adele Calhoun & Doug Calhoun Clare Loughrige & Scott Loughrige Transformation is the soul of the Enneagram. Anything short of transformation and it’s just another personality fad. Something here today and gone tomorrow. We find ourselves conflicted about Instagram Memes, Enneagram art, and Enneagram music. Often these vehicles are fun and  Read more ➝

Fierce and Lovely Podcast

  Clare and Lisa were interviewed on the Fierce and Lovely Podcast. Check out this window into Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram and Clare’s ©iEnneagram Training and Certification Course.  

Calhouns on the Enneagram & Christians

Doug & Adele were interviewed by Anita Lustria on her podcast channel “Faith Conversations” about this subject. Along with Clare & Scott’s previous podcast, this conversation is way for people who are nervous or skeptical about the Enneagram and spiritual transformation to get some of their questions answered. They also discussed the unique contributions that  Read more ➝

Loughriges Enneagram and Christianity Podcast

Scott and Clare have been teaching the Enneagram Harmony Triads since 2012. Check out their Enneagram podcast, explore the Enneagram of Harmony Model and listen to people in their faith community talk about their journey. “PODCAST: Enneagram & Christianity” on Apple Podcast  or RadioPublic Radio Public (for Android users) works in your browser. Download iTunes here Android  Read more ➝